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How To Position Your Life & Money
To Succeed In Times Of Crisis
So You Don’t Lose Out On The
Great Wealth Transfer That’s Coming
What Worked Before Will NOT Work In Today’s Market
Trends have been changing for awhile now.

This hasn’t happened overnight.

It won’t just “go back to the way it was” overnight.

The Pandemic Has Changed Everything

… And It’s Left You With So Many


Questions Like ...

How has the pandemic really affected the markets?

How do I make the best decisions for my investments now - and what ARE they?

Will I still be able to have the life and build the future I planned before the pandemic?

How will inflation affect my investments?

Where should I be buying now?

Did I Hit That On The Head?

Then this training is for YOU. I’m going to answer all your questions. How?

By showing you how to leverage three trends that are new in 2020 that will enable you to profit from the massive wealth shift that’s coming.

And I promise, it’s coming.
What IS The Massive Wealth Shift?
The rich will become richer and the middle class will shrink.

People who own the RIGHT kind of assets will be positioned to profit.

I’ll show you how to end up on the RIGHT side of the massive wealth shift.

Here’s The Truth …

There are some effects of the pandemic and civil unrest that we haven’t seen yet - but we will.

Continuing to invest the way you always have will no longer get you to your goals.

You can’t count on Wall Street and the stock market. They’re set up to separate the middle class from their money and shrink the middle class.

It’s Time To CHANGE The Way You Invest

There are certain trends to watch that are more important than ever before.

Knowing what these trends are can help you position yourself and your investments to prosper during this time of pandemic, down markets, and civil unrest.
The 3 must-watch trends that will show you where to shift your investments in today’s market so you can profit even during a pandemic.
Trend #1: Widespread Inflation 
Here’s What You’ve Been Told ...

The money I have is going to be worth less and less.

I’m going to need a cost of living increase just to survive.

With the pandemic and markets right now, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
I’m stuck.

To understand inflation, we need to distinguish between Real and Nominal and between Price and Value.

Inflation is the insidious Hidden Tax that destroys purchasing power.

Inflation destroys the value of your Savings, Stocks, Bonds, Equity, and thankfully, the value of Debt.

Inflation is the most powerful method of Wealth redistribution.

Inflation redistributes wealth from Lenders to Borrowers and from Old to Young.
Here’s the REAL Truth About Inflation…
Inflation doesn’t have to make you poorer.
There’s a seldom-mentioned strategy big payers, including the US government use to leverage inflation for debt reduction and come out ahead.

How To Make Inflation Work For You

Inflation Induced Debt Reduction

This strategy is the BEST deal ever!

Borrow and buy now, then watch your debt value shrink and real estate value grow.
Trend #2: Mass Urban Exodus 
Here’s What You’ve Been Told

The best places to invest in real estate are high population density urban areas like New York City and Chicago.

People want to live in the big city where all the jobs and public transportation are.

Mass Exodus Impacts Wealth Transfer

When people change location, their money goes with them.

The economy will shift with the money and so will the housing market.

Here’s the REAL Truth About Location … 

Physical location means less today than ever before.

People are getting RICHER by relocating to Tier Two cities.
Trend #3: Shifting Housing Needs 
Here’s What You’ve Been Told

The hallmark of successful living is just one nuclear family living in a home.

People only use their homes after work and on the weekends. They work and have hobbies outside the home in the community and inside other businesses and venues. 

But Shifting Housing Needs Impacts Wealth Transfer

Home is becoming the center of the universe. What people need in a home is changing.

Multigenerational homes are becoming increasingly popular.

Here’s the REAL Truth About Today’s Housing Needs …

People are staying closer to home today than they have in decades.

Many businesses have closed and remote work is on the rise.

People are using their homes for MORE.

Houses with offices, workouts spaces and bigger common areas are highly desirable.

People don’t want to be separated from their families during quarantine. They want to stay connected.

Multigenerational living is on the rise.

How To Make This Work For You

Look for properties that can accommodate multiple generations and more space for offices and hobbies.

Can I Ask You A Question?

Can you see how taking what you now know about inflation, location and housing needs today can transform your investing in the BEST possible ways?

How many of you are excited about the opportunity these three trends represent?

The Truth Is …

Those Are Only A FEW of the Trends to Watch…
Introducing the Pandemic Investing Course!
Stay on top of all the trends and get full step-by-step training on how to position yourself to profit!

Here’s What’s Included in the Course
Session One: Bubbles & Macro View + Bonus

Session Two: Inflation, Institutional Landlords + Bonus 

Session Three: Understanding Market Cycles

Session Four: Concepts, Futurists & Locations

Session Five: Doomsayers & Big Ideas

Session Six: Q&A, Deflation or Inflation, Get Control

Session Seven: Georgia & Florida 'Line' Market Profiles

Session Eight: The BIG 6 and Shadow Demand

And Much Much more!
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